Tree Removal


When you require tree removal, Yarra Tree Services will get the job done with a minimum of fuss. Whether it is a large palm or a small tree causing problems our team can come and assess the best course of action. Using the safest methods our highly trained team can disassemble the largest trees. We also offer additional services such as stump grinding and mulching of the wood to use as garden mulch. Our staff clean up after themselves so as to avoid the minimum disruption to your property.

Stump Grinding


Ideally, when you have a tree removed you should also have stump grinding as a chainsaw can only cut above ground level. After the tree is cut down, it is possible for the tree to regrow. Having the stump ground means that you can replant in that space, cover with lawn or fill in with dirt, leaving no visible evidence of the stump and preventing regrowth of the tree.

Yarra Tree Services can grind the stump and turn the stump into mulch to ready for you to redistribute on your garden beds.



Whether you require pruning of hedges that have gotten out of hand or cutting limbs of large trees we are the people for the job. Good pruning is one of the most important things you can do for your trees health and stability. Quality pruning that removes dead, diseased, or damaged branches is generally good for the health of your tree. Our years of experience will help assess the best way to prune your trees. Pruning is an investment in the long term health and risk management of your tree.

Tree Cabling


Tree cabling provides support to tree limbs through a system of bracing and cables. When a tree has a disease or a structural failure cabling provides a way to limit movement of the limbs and prevent further damage to the tree or to surrounding structures by preventing limbs falling.

Site Clearing


Are you looking to build or extend and need your site cleared? We are able to assess your property, assist with council permits and arborist reports if required before commencement of the build.

Mulching / Firewood


Rather than take all your branches to the tip, we can provide a mulching service to get rid of all those branches for you. Sit back and relax while we do the hard work for you. After putting all the branches through the chipper, we make sure the area is thoroughly cleaned.

For larger trees, we provide cutting and stacking of firewood.

Possum Prevention / Animal Rescue


We can assist in possum prevention and removal. We offer a fast and effective service.

We offer a 24 hour emergency service for animal rescues. Please call 1800 2 YARRA.

Fire Hazard Reduction


Bush fires are a real risk in today’s harsh climate. Yarra Tree Services can assess your property to reduce the risk of fire spreading. A home that is well prepared can dramatically reduce the risk of bush fires. We can assess you home for fire risks such as branches that are overhanging the home. Trees close to the building are likely to drop leaves and twigs into guttering causing fire danger. Please refer to the CFA website for more ways to reduce your fire risk and to formula a fire plan.

Hazardous Trees


Trees provide many benefits to our homes, but when trees/ branches fail and injure people or damage property, they become liabilities. Taking care of tree hazards makes your property safer and prolongs the life of the tree. As Qualified Arborists we are trained to recognize the hazards that your tree may present and will provide the best advice on how to fix the problem.

Tree Preservation


Most councils require consent before you remove or prune any tree. However these council
classifications vary. It is important to check with council regarding their tree preservation order so you avoid the possibility of hefty fines. Some councils require an arborist report to consider an application for removing a tree. Yarra Tree Services can assist you with this aspect of your application. For further information please refer to your local council tree preservation order and our section on arborist reports.

Tree Assessments & Arborist Reports


Local councils require permits for tree removal to ensure the preservation of native species. To apply for a permit an arborist report must be obtained. Yarra Tree Services can assist you’re your planning application to council to obtain a permit. We can discuss your needs and prepare an impartial written report outlining your options and our recommendations. This vital step can be undertaken as a pre-purchase inspection or during the planning of your development or for permission to remove tress on existing dwellings. These reports can then be submitted to council as part of your permit application process.



We service commercial clients in and around Melbourne, whether you need a one-off job or regular maintenance for your hedges, shrubbery or trees. We offer competitive prices for regularly arranged work and can easily handle one-off jobs. Please contact us today to discuss your needs.

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